The Interior Space Design Of The Modern Household

First,the design of modern home bedroom space
In the interior design,the bedroom design needs to conform to the owner's thoughts and mood,because the bedroom is the owner's private space,so the designer needs to pay attention to the privacy hidden and the atmosphere maintenance when designing the bedroom.

The most important function of the bedroom is to rest,so in the design process,it should be noted that the proportion of the space occupied by the bed and the position of the bed will affect the use of the overall space.If bedroom space is relatively small,contemporary and contracted model is very suit,and the bedroom proposal of little space puts the bed in the position that leans a wall directly,such can save a space already,still can use remaining space to undertake the design of chest effectively.In the process of the design of the bedroom must be unified with the sitting room,it can express the overall effect.

Second,the living room space design
In the process of designing the living room space,it is necessary to pay attention to the daily life of the family.Designed for the overall function of the living room.The design should pay attention to: First,the living room needs to have two areas,the audio-visual area and the conversation area and the other point is to increase the space of the activity as much as possible,so that the living room does not look crowded.

Third,the kitchen space design
In the design of the kitchen space,the design of the cabinet and the tile is mainly in the process of design.In the process of design,the interior designer will consider the overall design style of the space.Only the correct planning and design can make the kitchen space not crowded and case of obstruction will not appear.And in the kitchen design,the choice of ceramic tile also needs to be careful,the proposal does not choose too fancy ceramic tile,because kitchen space itself is limited,if design and color is more ceramic tile shop affixed can let a kitchen appear more crowded.

Fourth,the balcony space design
The space design of the balcony has become an important design location for interior designers,The balcony is a region where people often exercise.In urban buildings,many balconies have become semi-enclosed and many people have opened the balcony,which will expand the use of the area and increase the brightness and  spaciousness of the room,making the view of people living indoors even more Broad.Many designers also like to design a lot of green plants in the balcony position,so that you can find a quiet place in the noisy city,but also let them feel the nature.

In the process of design,designers not only aim at artistic pursuit,but also need to use space scientifically.



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