How to avoid pollution in children's room decoration?

Decoration pollution is unavoidable in home decoration, decoration can only reduce pollution as far as possible,especially when children's room decoration, more attention should be paid.

1. Scientific decoration, scientific decoration refers to reasonable selection and decoration, such as decoration as simple as possible, do not hit the floor, do not carpet, do not do ceiling, as far as possible with color paint and paint, pollution sources to control to the least.

2. Carefully select furniture, when choosing furniture, pay attention to the Environmental Protection certificate of furniture, pay attention to whether it meets the National standards, the volume of furniture should not exceed half of the indoor space, and man-made furniture must pay attention to whether it has been sealed.

3. Pay attention to ventilation, in order to ensure safe ventilation, ventilation should be installed Windows, ventilation should be installed in poorly ventilated rooms should be installed with new ventilation. Ventilation should be guaranteed in the morning and evening, every time should be more than half an hour.

4. Pollution treatment, after the renovation of children's rooms, if they are not assured or are in a hurry to stay, you can ask the professional formaldehyde removal company for pollution treatment, you can use some qualified purification treatment products indoors to avoid secondary pollution.

To avoid pollution in decoration, we must control the source and do a good job of dirty, two-pronged, in order to clean up the indoor air as soon as possible, do not think that the home is the use of environmental protection materials to ignore the existence of pollution.


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