Build an inn in the middle of the sea

Floating in the sea of setouchi, Japan, is a lonely inn that blends into the incomparable beauty of the skyline.The passenger ship."Gunt?"In the local dialect, it is a small crab that lives in the inland sea of seto.
The seto inland sea is in central Japan, surrounded by honshu, shikoku and kyushu.These islands are isolated from each other, have less convenient transportation, but have chic cuisine and beautiful scenery, but these are not the biggest

reasons people love it
The once-triennial art festival of the setouchi sea, with its unique art exhibitions and exhibitions, has made these islands a "must-see place for the whole life" in the hearts of art lovers around the world.This is one of the reasons

for setouchi's reputation."Gunt?"From Hiroshima's end road, the freedom to roam among the isles felt like "six of the flotsam" : from then on the hustle and bustle, and don't know when to wake up.
The boat inn was designed by Japanese architect ku anji, who wanted the "floating inn" to encapsulate the traditions and culture of the inland sea.
In fact, the "floating inn" was transformed by the retired setouchi sea fishing boat of ku ministry anji, which is also to confirm the local tradition that "the kindness of setouchi sea is in the sea".Want to know more about what the

floating inn looks like before and after its makeover?Come and follow in your footsteps
Before the renovation of the inn was just a dilapidated fishing boat, looking very dilapidated, the fishing boat left on the shore slowly deserted, gradually no one to mention.
The design elements of the reconstructed inn come from the tiled village of setouchi island. The main raw material of the ship body is mostly domestic wood, and the top is made into traditional wife-cutting design of harmony style.
The hull is 81.2 meters long and 13.75 meters wide. Apart from the roof built with titanium and zinc alloy, the whole facade is painted in silver, which skillfully integrates with the surrounding skyscape.
The colors of the sea and sky changed with the weather and time, and so did the floating inn.The tourists on the boat can feel the changes of light and shadow during the time.
People on the shore can also enjoy the wonderful combination of the floating inn and the sky.
The hotel has 19 rooms on the third floor, each room can only accommodate two tourists, all of which have large French Windows, tourists can enjoy the feeling of facing the sea at any time.
Wooden materials create an atmosphere of ease and relaxation, coupled with endless sea views, making people slow down physically and mentally. This is the most fascinating place of "floating inn".
A top-of-the-line double bed room at the front of the boat, with an area of 90 square meters, is very spacious and comfortable.


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