The unusual Theodore chacelio-Canvas wall art online

Canvas wall art online-His father, Beno?
T Chasseriau, a French diplomat on international missions,Buy Big Wall Art Buy Big Painting Art was born to a colonialist mother in 1819 in Santa Barbara DE Samana, now the Dominican republic, a former French colony.
In 1822, at the age of three,Big Abstract Wall Art chacelio returned to Paris with his mother and siblings because of political turmoil in the colony.He showed artistic talent at an early age and, as a teenager, studied in the studio of Ingres, the famous neoclassical painter who specialized in portrait themes and painted large canvas.his students were often trained in these areas.
As a result, Big Contemporary Art chacelio took great interest in portraiture and created many portraits.
In terms of style, the beauty of angelic lines and classical meanings are also imprinted into chacelio's works.

Abstract Acrylic Painting

socialized with eacMrh other, as galleries do today.
He was in 1839 for?
Susannah in the bath?
Venus of the sea?
And for a while, they became famous. These two beautiful women, you can see the shadow of angel, and they have the exotic flavor that chacelio himself prefers.Chacelio painted portraits of people around him.
And these portraits were considered to be a treasure of the ages, because photography at that time was not mature enough, but many people wanted to preserve their own image, so the portrait became a way to record the truth for a long time.
In the Louvre museum?
Mary dagurt?
It belongs to this kind of creation.
Countess Mary dagoult, a good friend of chacelio, did not hesitate to push chacelio forward in her art criticism, but she also gave a moderate criticism.


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