What are the Characteristics of Hand-painted Oil Painting

1. The picture effect is good. The wholesale conclusion of Jin Mailang's hand-painted Big Modern Wall Art is that pure hand-painted oil painting is very comfortable and natural in its natural performance, smooth lines and changes in light and shade. It seems that it is not deliberate to do nothing, everything seems so natural, and the value of Buy Big Wall Art for Sale appreciation is very high.


2. The preservation time of hand-painted Large Black and White Art is long. Generally, it can be preserved for hundreds of years or even thousands of years. Many famous oil paintings in the world have a history of hundreds or thousands of years, and have high collection value.

3. Strong decorative effect. Ordinary family, villa decoration will choose pure hand-painted oil painting, because the artistic atmosphere of hand-painted oil painting is rich, a tasteful oil painting can reflect the owner's elegant artistic temperament, give people a sense of extraordinary atmosphere, more can beautify the living space.

4. Drawing time is long. Hand-painted oil painting is painted by artists one by one. Many artists have subjective ideas and understanding of beauty. It takes a long time to draw, and the price of painting is relatively expensive.

5. Hand-painted Big Modern Canvas Art has a strong sense of three-dimensional, hierarchical and artistic. Jin Mailang's hand-painted oil wholesale points out that the changes of color and light are very delicate. The object of painting is not a simple reproduction of objects, but a vivid reproduction of life.

6. The value of art appreciation is high. Hand-painted oil painting has a certain collection value.


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