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Wall decoration is central to any apartment decoration work, which is a big part of making your apartment look and feel like it's yours. Once you have some good wall decoration ideas, you're just a step away from making your place that much more attractive and enthusiastic.

In addition to furniture, the items you choose for the walls and their placement and arrangement are unique to you and can help you personalize your rent. For example, once you deliver a set of bedroom furniture, your bedroom may become one of many bedrooms with the same set of bedroom furniture. However, once you finish living room paintings, your apartment becomes unquestionable.

You have several options to consider when it comes to wall decor ideas for your apartment:
 living room wall decor ideas

The list starting with "nothing" seems strange. But this is to make an important point upfront: Sometimes, adding nothing to a specific part of the wall is the best solution.

With so many attractive wall decoration options, you may always want to choose what you think is best for placing on a specific part of the wall.

However, when focusing on one point, it is always worth considering the decoration of the entire room. You may realize that the room already has enough wall decor for living room, or adding wall decorations to specific parts of the wall will unnecessarily clutter the space.
 landscape painting

Paintings and other flat artworks
When reading the word "wall decoration", you often think of flat art (such as painting) first, for good reason. There are many types of flat artworks, which are suitable for almost every style.

From framed black and white paintings to colorful textured canvases, flat artwork can enliven your walls.

Most living room wall decor have at least some examples of flat artwork
 photo to oil painting on canvas

Family photos and other personal items
There may be thousands of images on your computer or smartphone, but showing the best photos on the walls of your apartment means maintaining close relationships with friends and family.

Photos on the wall can remind you of your favorite people, interesting holidays, and so on.

After framing and hanging, the photo will usually become part of the wall decoration of the apartment. Alternatively, you can display the framed photo on the shelf, as described below.

In addition to photos, you can also choose to display family heirlooms, religious items, or other items that have emotional value or unique meaning to you, such as old license plates or university slogans.
 photo to oil painting on canvas

Tapestry and other textile arts
Large canvas painting or painted on heavy cloth and often hung by a decorative rod, tapestries add a touch of class to an apartment.

Tapestry is more difficult to obtain than other types of wall hangings, so many apartment residents usually do not even consider them.

However, proper tapestries and even rugs can add warmth and variety to the apartment's decor.


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