why have art in your home

For some people, it’s just an abstract flower art with no meaningful purpose it just makes the wall beautiful and enhances the looks of the eclectic interior decor style, while for others, this is the most amazing natural landscape paintings. This is a subtle sign that shows how people's perception of art varies from person to person, and it is an industry as old as humans, and understanding the motive why people buying art is complex.

In a study commissioned by Barclays Bank, the motivation behind the treasure hunt trend was studied, and why some people are keen to buy art online, while others scored the entire internet for famous art collections, and it was discovered that the main reason that most people became the majority was like collecting art is purely an investment.

The value of art has appreciated, and thousands of famous abstract artists' artworks have been sold. This is the sole reason why art collectors are willing to go at great lengths to increase their precious art collection. They know that with a little patient, they will be in for a kill when the right times and the right buyer shows up.

In addition to looking at motivation from an investor’s point of view, there are other reasons that have prompted thousands of people around the world to purchase various artworks. For example, when one makes a purchase of original art, it brings the feeling of victory, social distinction, and cultural superiority.

Especially when the artwork is acquired at a high price, it is usually unbearable for the masses. This kind of feeling has no monetary value. Usually, for the new owner, it has a unique sense of attachment to the piece and an increased appetite to continue going for more.

Other reasons why people buy large wall art may include:

When they identify with the artwork – when you are a Frenc living in Toronto and see the hand-painted abstract canvas art of Paris, you might purchase it simply just because it reminds you of home.

When there is an emotional connection with the work, for example, if it is a canvas painting of a lover, and when you think of your love story, you will find some semblance on it, you may find yourself making the purchase.

Social status – there is a group of people who will buy some great paintings just to brag. These paintings may be expensive and few people can afford it. This is never anything but a bloated ego.

Art as a gift- it is also common to buy art as a gift. All you have to do is figure out what the person you intend to gift loves, and then get them the right artwork. Such can always be customized to bear their names, portraits, or carry connotations they will easily identify with.


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